Genetic Counselors

About Genetic Counselors

Genetic counseling is becoming more prevalent in today's healthcare. Through genetic counseling, individuals can understand their genetic predispositions to disease.

Genetic counselors guide individuals through the process of assessing their risk for disease, analyzing their genetic profiles, and determining potential preventative measures that can be taken to reduce risk. These health professionals have specialized graduate degrees and experience in the fields of genetics and counseling. They not only support and educate patients, but serve as a resource to other health professionals and the general public.

Invision Sally Jobe Genetic Counselors

The Risk Assessment and Prevention Program at Invision Sally Jobe offers genetic testing and counseling services in the Denver, Colorado area. This program was created by our board certified genetic counselor, Mary Freivogel. Our program has been so successful that we recently added a second genetic counselor, Allie Anguiano. Learn more about our genetic counselors:

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