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Infertility affects about 2.1 million couples in the U.S.Can’t Conceive? What Your Doctor Will Do

A couple is often considered infertile if they’ve been unable to conceive after 12 months of trying. Most couples then visit a doctor to find the problem.

Learn about an infertility workup.

Overuse of a joint can cause bursitis.Bursitis: Stopping the Burn

Bursitis is a painful inflammation of the tiny fluid-filled sacs that cushion joints and muscles. It is brought on by overuse of a joint, particularly one not used to activity.

Learn how to treat bursitis.

Coffee can decrease stroke risk.Cut Stroke Risk One Cup at a Time

Aside from getting a quick pick-me-up, regular coffee and green tea drinkers may also enjoy a decreased stroke risk with their morning brews.

Learn more.

Computers can effect your health.Health Effects of Technology

Computers were designed to make our lives easier. But there are ways spending too much time hunched over a keyboard can be detrimental to your health.

Learn about the health effects.

Learn about cholesterol lowering drug optionsCholesterol-Lowering Drugs – A Primer

High cholesterol can be tough to beat. Your health care provider may recommend cholesterol-lowering medication.

Learn about the options.

Learn about common food claimsWhat Do Food Claims Really Mean?

We are bombarded by terms and phrases used on food packaging. These terms can vary from informative and well-regulated to misleading or unhelpful.

Learn about some common food claims.

Learn safety tips for home projectsStay Safe When Working on Home Projects

Summer can be a great time to tackle home improvement projects. Make sure you keep safety in mind!

Project safety tips.

Learn tips for safe travelsHealthy Travels to You!

If you're preparing for a summer vacation, these tips can help you guard against common health problems when traveling.

Learn more.

A lack of sleep affects your physical and mental wellbeingSleep Disorders Affect All Ages

Everybody needs sleep for mental and physical wellness. If you or a loved one has difficulty sleeping, it can negatively affect not only the one with the disorder, but everyone in the household.

Learning about sleep disorders and treatment.

Teen depression is a serious concernTeenage Depression

Teenage depression is a serious health concern. Sometimes prevention is not possible; however there are things you can do to make a difference for your teen.

Learn warning signs and suggestions.

Providing daily living help for a family member is a growing trendAvoid Injury When Caring for Others

Lifting and moving another person is often part of caring for a dependent loved one. It puts tremendous strain on your back, neck and shoulders and can lead to chronic pain.

Learn how to take care of your own health too.

Stroke can cause irreparable brain damageMinimizing the Effects of Stroke

About two-thirds of the approximate 700,000 Americans who suffer a stroke each year will require some form of rehabilitation. There are many types of rehabilitation that can help restore function and improve quality of life.

Learn more about stroke treatment.

Planning ahead can give you peace of mind.Plan for the Unexpected with Advance Directives

One serious accident or illness can turn your world upside down. Having an advance directive is critical when decisions need to be made regarding end-of-life health care.

Learn more.

Stay safe while starting spring sports.Avoid Spring Sports Injuries

It’s springtime! The nicer weather encourages people to jump back into sports after an inactive winter. Learn how to avoid injury while you spring back into action.

Get more info.

Keep your teenagers safe.Help Your Teens and Tweeners Stay Safe

As children approach adulthood, parents are faced with many new challenges. Here are some tips for dealing with tricky topics that might come up with your tween or teen, and ways to keep them safe.

See the tips.

Kidneys are fist sized organs in your lower backCould You Have Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is a growing threat in the U.S., and the 9th leading cause of death. 10 million to 20 million people have kidney disease, but most don't know it.

Learn more about this 'silent' problem.

Fruit can help keep your colon healthy.Keep Your Colon Healthy

Worried about developing colorectal cancer, one of the most common cancers in men and women? Stick to these 10 habits to keep your colon healthy.

Check out the 10 habits.

Vitamins can help alleviate deficiencies.Do You Need a Vitamin Supplement?

Are you confused about the large number of vitamin and mineral supplements on store shelves and wonder whether you should be taking one—or more?

Get some help here.

Massage is one of many alternative treatments for promoting healingHealing Alternatives

As the popularity of alternative treatments has grown in past decades, so has their acceptance and credibility as effective therapies.

Learn about some options.

Cold packs are one of many ways to relieve arthritis pain.Everyday Arthritis Relief

Arthritis pain and stiffness usually stem from joint inflammation, muscle strain and fatigue. Try some simple strategies to help keep discomfort in check.

Learn more.

Exercise helps you maintain good posture.Align Yourself with Good Posture

Good posture protects your health. Standing erect and sitting properly can help reduce stress on joints, ward off muscle pain and improve balance to prevent falls.

Find out more.

Global warming impacts our health as well as the environment.Global Warming: A Major Threat to your Health

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization, global warming is not only a threat to our environment, but also to our health.

Learn more.

Anger may be a risk factor for heart disease.Curbing Hostility May Help your Heart

Anger—it makes you feel rotten. It can cause problems with your friends, family and jobs. It also may be a risk factor for heart disease.

Find out more.

Find out how well you take care of your heart."Are You Kind to your Heart?" Quiz

Are you kind to your heart? Take our quiz to find out how heart-care rates.

Get started.

Have your blood pressure checked regularly.Get Heart Smart Now

High blood pressure and cholesterol aren't only a concern for older people. Lay the groundwork now to protect your heart in the years ahead.

Learn how.

Keep your carotid arteries free and clear.Keeping your Carotid Arteries Free and Clear

When atherosclerosis occurs in your carotid arteries—the two main blood vessels that carry blood to your brain—you have carotid artery disease and a significantly higher risk for stroke.

Learn more about this condition.

There are many possible causes of cold hands and feet.Cold Hands, Cold feet: Normal or Not?

Many of us experience cold hands and feet during the winter. But for some people, it’s a year-round problem that may be a sign of something more serious.

Learn more.

Eat dinner together as a family every day.A Safe & Healthy New Year: 12 Tips for your Family

When the clock stuck midnight on New Year’s Eve, you likely wished for a safe and healthy year ahead for your family.

Make that wish come true.

Close relationships are important for happiness.Creating Your Own Happiness

Upbeat people don’t wait for happiness to find them—they seek it out. Try some of their proven methods!

Learn more.

Provide relief for your sick child.Winter Health: Treating Kids’ Colds

Over the counter medications aren’t appropriate for infants and young children. There are other options for easing your child’s discomfort during a cold.

Learn about the options.

Cold remedies can increase your comfort when sick.Winter Health: Choosing the Right Cold Medication

Caught yet another cold? The right over-the-counter cold remedy can help make life more comfortable when you have no choice but to keep moving.

Learn about cold medication options.

Check out our home remedies.Winter Health: Effective Home Remedies

Handy home remedies can relieve many minor health problems. In some cases, they may even eliminate the need for over-the-counter medicines.

Check out our home remedies.

Check your flu knowledge.Winter Health: Flu Facts and Fiction

How much do you know about the flu? See whether you’ve got the know-how to fight influenza by taking this true-or-false quiz.

Take the quiz.

Learn ways to keep the cold and flu away.Winter Health: Keeping Contagious Bugs at Bay

Many Americans don’t take colds and flu seriously, or think they’ll manage to avoid getting them. But these infectious diseases can put you at risk for a more severe illness.

Learn tips for avoiding colds and the flu.

Quit smoking to protect your lungsWinning the Battle Against Lung Cancer

Quitting smoking can make a life-changing difference—and prevent you from ending up as just another statistic. Protect your lungs and your life.

Learn more.

Tips for managing stressCoping with Stress and High-Pressure Events

Stress causes your body to instinctively protect itself. With prolonged stress, your body has no chance to recover and your health can deteriorate.

Tips for managing stress

Women and lung cancerWomen’s Fastest Growing Cancer Threat

The rate of new lung cancer cases has increased by 106% in women over the last 33 years and the number of deaths among women due to this disease also continues to rise.

Learn more about lung cancer.

Safe winter drivingSafe Winter Driving

Winter weather is almost upon us. Follow the “three P’s” of safe winter driving.

Winter weather driving tips

Your liver plays an important role in your overall health.Love Your Liver

The liver is responsible for about 500 bodily functions and plays an important role in digestion, metabolism, and detoxification.

Take care of this vital organ.

Needing a mastectomy throw you into emotional turmoil.Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating enough. Being told that your breast will have to be removed can really cause emotional turmoil.

Learn about breast reconstruction.

Info on breast cancer can be confusing.Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

Women are bombarded with information about breast cancer—and much of it is wrong. Here’s the truth behind a dozen of the most common misconceptions.

Learn more.

There are ways you can make a mammogram more comfortable.Making Your Mammogram More Comfortable

No doubt about it - a mammogram can be uncomfortable. But considering the life-saving potential of this exam, it's worth it.

Tips to make your mammogram more comfortable.

Breast MRI is a newer screening method for breast cancer.Advances in Breast Cancer Research

Researchers continue to work toward a cure, better treatment options, and improved detection methods for breast cancer.

Learn more about some recent developments.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound evaluates the skeleton, joints and muscle.Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Ultrasound has recently become an excellent option for evaluating musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and offers an alternative to MRI. Invision Sally Jobe is one of the first centers in our area to invest in providing our staff with the special training needed to offer this exam.

Learn about the benefits of this exam.

Two hikers in the mountainsPreventing Hiking Injuries

Hiking is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery. Hiking can be a casual stroll or a vigorous workout. No matter how or where you like to hike, there are potential injuries and ways to avoid them.

Learn more about hiking injury prevention.

Woman drinking water while exercisingStaying Hydrated

Summer is a great time of year in Colorado! We spend more time outside and participate in more physical activities. With those outdoor activities comes an increased risk of dehydration. Detecting and preventing dehydration is important for your family’s safety.

Learn more about dehydration here.

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