Breast Density and Screening Breast Ultrasound

Relevant References for Referring Physicians

Breast density has emerged as a significant risk factor for breast cancer. There is growing evidence that mammography alone is not sufficient to detect small cancers in many patients with dense breast tissue. Legislation has passed in California, Connecticut, New York, Texas, and Virginia mandating that all women undergoing screening mammography be informed of their breast density. This legislation also requires that women with dense breasts be informed about the limitations of mammography and the option of supplemental screening technologies (such as breast MRI screening and screening breast ultrasound). Similar legislation is under consideration in a dozen other states and in Congress.

Based on the growing body of evidence that mammography alone is not sufficient to detect small cancers in many patients with dense breasts, Invision Sally Jobe will begin implementing a program to notify our patients of their breast density. Details about this new process, as well as relevant references for referring physicians are listed below.

As always, we welcome questions and comments from you and your patients. You may contact Dr. Lora Barke (Medical Director, Invision Sally Jobe Breast Network) at (720) 493-3220 or Mary Freivogel, our Certified Genetic Counselor and Manager of Patient Risk Assessment and Prevention, at (720) 493-3229.

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