The RIA data center has advanced environmental and security system monitoring to ensure your data is protected and secure.

Invision Sally Jobe is dedicated to maintaining HIPAA compliance, data security, and a protected and reliable technology infrastructure.

HIPAA Compliance and Security

Our technology and image delivery processes are HIPAA compliant. We designed our processes and technical infrastructure to guarantee secure and confidential data transactions to and from anywhere in the world.

Our PACS system has strong security in which functionality for access tracking, restricting and/or limiting access to individual users, multiple users, and groups are centrally administered. For example, a referring physician may be restricted to only view patient studies and reports that he\she has referred to Invision Sally Jobe. Our security methodology is based on a "best practice" approach derived from industry standards.

Secure Imaging Distribution

The InteleViewer uses Secure Socket Layer technology with 128-bit DES encryption to create a secure connection to images and reports over the Internet. Additionally, a system user must login to InteleViewer with an assigned username and password. This ensures that only authorized users may view exams and reports and enables full auditing for maintaining HIPAA compliance throughout the entire process.

Facility Security

The Invision Sally Jobe network and data center are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by dedicated staff to make sure data is accessible.

The Invision Sally Jobe data center is located in Englewood, Colorado in a secure building with 24/7 FirstWatch monitoring. Inside, advanced environmental and security system monitoring ensure your data is protected and secure. Digital cardkey access and access code locks provide multiple levels of protection from unauthorized access. Invision Sally Jobe utilizes a multi-data center approach to provide 7x24 redundancy and access to images and reports. Each data center has an advanced fire suppression system which minimizes damage and doesn't require costly and time-consuming cleanup.