Radiology Imaging Associates Services

RIA radiologists provide radiology services to area hospitals and Invision Sally Jobe centers.

Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA) is committed to excellence in our service to our patients, referring physicians, and business partners. Following are the main services we provide in the Denver area:

Hospital Reading

RIA radiologists provide full time professional image reading services at 9 hospitals, 7 of which are local. Many of our radiologists are specialized and have gained valuable experience and expertise in a specific area of radiology. This focus enables them take a "narrow and deep" approach with their skills, which in turn enables them to intrepret radiology images more efficiently and accurately.

Hospital Procedures

RIA's interventional radiologists perform some of the most cutting edge interventional radiology procedures available today at our partner hospitals in the South Denver Metro area. These procedures offer non-surgical alternatives to treat many diseases and in some cases may potentially treat conditions that would otherwise be untreatable.

Invision Sally Jobe Outpatient Centers

RIA physicians read for the Invision Sally Jobe network of imaging centers in the South Denver Metro area. They also perform minimally invasive procedures such as biopsies and pain management for Invision Sally Jobe. Invision Sally Jobe centers offer a wide array of imaging exams including MRI, CT, ultrasound, digital mammography, 3D mammography, DXA, and x-ray.

Coronary CTA CME Course

Radiology Imaging Associates offers a 2-day CME course that delivers in-depth and hands-on exposure to the technique of interpreting Coronary CTA. This course was designed and is taught by radiologists with no vendor bias. It provides the additional training required to proactively translate this powerful, new tool into the effective treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Clinical Trials

Radiology Imaging Associates participates in various clinical trials. We pride ourselves on contributing to the advancement of medicine and providing patients in the Denver area with the latest screening and treatment alternatives.

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