Screening Guidelines

Protect your health by following the screening recommendations that are appropriate for you.

There are many diseases that often don’t show symptoms. With some diseases, a person may not realize he or she has it until there is a life-threatening or debilitating event such as a heart attack. Other diseases may not be caught until their later stages when they are more difficult to manage.

When caught early, many conditions are treatable. Early detection often results in more treatment options being available to the patient and a better prognosis. It’s important to follow any screening recommendations that apply to you. You should discuss this with your personal physician.

To help doctors and individuals identify disease earlier, many organizations have established screening guidelines for various conditions. For some conditions, such as breast cancer, there are standard screening recommendation for a segment of the population. Some conditions have screening guidelines established only for individuals who meet the criteria for being high risk for that conditions.

This section contains screening recommendations for some conditions that are screened via imaging exams.

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